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.22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rifle)

The .22 Winchester Magnum Rim fire cartridge (5.6×27mmR), is commonly called .22 WMR, .22 Magnum, or simply .22 Mag.

The .22 WMR was introduced in 1959 by Winchester, but was not used by Winchester until the Winchester Model 61 slide rifle could be chambered for it, in 1960. By that time, Smith & Wesson and Ruger had revolvers for it, and Savage came out with the Model 24 and since late 2012, the model 42, a more modern update than the 24, a .22/.410 rifle.

It was originally loaded with a bullet weight of 40 grains (2.6 g) delivering velocities in the 2,000 fps (610 m/s) range. The .22 WMR has also been loaded with bullet weights of 50 grains at 1,750 fps and 30 grains at 2,250 fps.

More recently, a high-quality 30gr Vmax cartridge from Hornady has been exceeding 2200 fps in a rifle and has a reputation for much greater consistency and accuracy than was previously attributed to this caliber. Accuracy around 1 MOA is achievable and this has led to this cartridge regaining ground previously lost to the excellent .17 HMR, especially as the 30gr bullet weight (nearly double that of the HMR's normal 17gr) gives it a reputation for hitting harder on larger varmints such as fox and coyote. 



cci 0063
Sales price: $19.20
Sales price: $19.20

CCI 0063 .22 WMR 30gr Maxi Mag TNT(50 Rnd)


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