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Federal Champion 745 .22LR 36gr Copper Plated HP 525 rounds per box

Federal Champion 745 .22LR High Velocity 36gr Copper plated HP 525 rounds per box

Hard to find awesome .22LR for your AR-15 conversion or Ruger 10/22
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Federal 745 Details


Federal Premium: Detail for 745

Champion™ 22 Long Rifle Copper Plated HP

LOAD NO.UseCaliberBullet Weight GrainsBullet StyleBallistic Coefficient
745 Target Shooting, Training, Practice 22 Long Rifle 36 Copper Plated HP 0.125


Velocity in Feet per Second

Muzzle50 Y100 Y150 Y
1260 1104 1003 931


Energy in Foot Pounds

Muzzle50 Y100 Y150 Y
127 97 80 69


Wind Drift in Inches (at 10 MPH)

50 Y100 Y150 Y
1.5 5.7 12.2


Average Range

50 Y100 Y150 Y
-5.6 -19.7


Long Range

50 Y100 Y150 Y
2.8 -11.4

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