Black Hills Ammunition .223 Remington 55gr FMJ (50 rnd)

Black Hills Ammunition .223 Remington, 55gr bullet, Full metal Jacket(FMJ), (50 Rounds per Box)
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Black Hills Ammunition's Factory New Rifle - No one can deny that when it comes to serious shooting we all have preferences. Serious preferences. We're talking favorite calibers. Particular loads. Bullets designed for specific tasks. With that in mind, Black Hills Ammunition selects bullets from the industries finest manufactures. Good folks like Sierra, Hornady, Barnes and Nosler. This ensures that when the bonafide shooter peruses Black Hills' Factory New Rifle Ammunition line, a myriad of options await. Though being as downright particular as they are, they already started the process by carefully developing loads of optimum performance and accuracy. Black Hills hope you don't mind. Grandpa's hand loads spoiled every last one of them. 



Manufacturer Part Number: BHA M221N1

Condition: NEW

Caliber: .223 Remington

Bullet Weight: 55 grains

Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket

Case Type: Brass

Muzzle Energy: 1250 ft/lb @muzzle

Muzzle Velocity: 3200 fps @muzzle

Reloadable: YES

Ballistic Coefficient:

Uses: Target, Varmint