Mil-Comm MC2500 12cc Oil Syringe

Mil-Comm 26151 TW25B Lubricant Protectant oil. 0.4 oz re-closeable syringe
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Mil-Comm 26151 TW25B Lubricant Protectant TW25B Oil- 12cc Syringe.

MC2500® oil is Mil-Comm Products’ synthetic blend that is based on the same technology and delivers the same exceptional performance as TW25B® grease. The lower viscosity of MC2500® oil allows for easy migration to hard to reach weapon parts while its liquidity allows the user the ability to pour or pump the lubricant easily. These special characteristics of MC2500® oil make it outstanding for lubricating close-fitted, high-speed, extreme pressure precision parts. MC2500® is proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A. The 0.4 fluid ounce refillable syringe is ideal for treating hard to reach surfaces, such as trigger assemblies, and for dispensing drops or beads of oil into parts where a full disassembly is neither desirable nor practical.