200 Rounds Bulk .223 Ammo 75 Gr HPBT Ammunition


This is the cheapest, high quality bulk 223 ammo I can find right now. Creedmoor uses the best components like Hornady projectiles, cleaner burning powder, and Lake City brass.

If your AR-15 has a faster barrel like a 1:7 or 1:8 twist these heavier bullets will stabilize great. This cheap bulk 223 ammo goes in and out of stock regularly. When it goes out of stock the company lists accurate re-stocking dates, when they know it goes back into stock so I leave it listed.

Find out more info by clicking the buy link below, taking you to the Creedmoor website.


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200 Ct Creedmoor .223 75 Gr HPBT Ammunition CREEDMOOR RIFLE AMMO .223 75 gr. Brass: Creedmoor Bullet: 75 gr. Hornady HPBT 200 ct Case Made in Anniston, Alabama Velocity Muzzle: 2750 fps

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