Glock Backpack – Black – with Sellier & Bellot – 45 ACP – 230 Grain – FMJ – 500 Rounds



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Glock Backpack – Black – with Sellier & Bellot – 45 ACP – 230 Grain – FMJ Review: This robust and rugged “Multi-Purpose Backpack” is a great choice for range days, day hikes, air-travel and more! It’s truly the perfect balance between capacity and transportability. The Glock backpack features, first and foremost, a built-in sidearm holster in the front zipper pocket. Its impressiveness only excels from there with reinforced Velcro webbing and heavy-duty zippers that are also rust-resistant – did we mention it also has a back-relief panel designed for maximum comfort? Because it does…just in case you’re going to be carrying it for extended periods. Finally, the Glock Multi-Purpose Backpack is compatible with hydration-packs, making it a breeze to carry the H20 you need, when you’re out “in the field.” And it comes with… Sellier & Bellot’s 45 ACP auto ammunition is ideal for hunting, target practice and self-defense. It has a muzzle velocity of approximately 850 fps. with a muzzle energy of about 370 ft. lbs., giving this ammunition the “oomph”, you’re looking for, from a “larger” round, without too-much, in the way of recoil. These rounds have brass casing with a non-corrosive boxer primer, loaded and manufactured to CIP / SAAMI specifications. If you’re looking for 45 ACP ammo that has ample power output with spot-on accuracy, perfect for a day at the range, then look no further, this is the ammo for you! Sellier & Bellot History: Sellier & Bellot is one of the most highly regarded ammo manufacturers around. Based in the Czech Republic, they’ve always been known for their safe, high-quality, reliable and accurate ammunition. GLOCK History: The GLOCK brand is considered one of the premier firearms manufactures in the world. Their manufacturing facilities develop some of the most durable and reliable firearms on the market. GLOCK’s idea was to engineer pistols that would be “safe, simple to shoot and maintain, and ready to perform when called upon.” And they’ve done just that! These firearms are so popular, they’ve made many appearances in Hollywood movies such as, “John Wick and US Marshalls.” From recreational / competitive shooters, to Special Operations forces, these handguns are tried and true, even under the most rigorous of circumstances.

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