Lapua Center-X .22 LR Ammunition


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Lapua Center-X .22 LR AmmunitionVersatility and superb performance – Center-X .22 LRLapua’s Center-X round gives you the confidence of high quality .22 long rifle match ammunition. The Center-X ammo is widely used for both match and practice shooting by rimfire enthusiasts around the world. Lapua’s Center-X is a versatile .22 LR cartridge known for its superb performance in all kinds of small-bore competitions.Distance: Short RangeRecommended for: Match, PracticeDistance0yd2.5yd10yd50yd100ydSighted in at:10yd50yd100ydVelocity (fps)107310691059100694425m-0.7-0.4-7.8Energy (ft-lbs)10210199907950m-0.60-7.0Crosswind Drift (in)0000.83.175m-0.31.6-3.9Crosswind drift [in] (sidewind 13 fps)Trajectory [inch] Impact point above or below the line of sight (Scope 1.6 in above bore line)Test barrel length: 26 inBallistic coefficients are calculated by Quick Target Unlimited Lapua Edition from V0 to V75 BC G1 for all Rimfire .22 LR bullets = 0.17250 count box

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