RWS .22 LR Rifle Match “S” Ammunition



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RWS .22 LR Rifle Match “S” Ammunition Call 800-273-3366 for Brick and Case Prices RWS .22 LR RIFLE MATCH “S” AMMO 50 CT The RWS RIFLE MATCH S is a fast rimfire cartridge for training and competition. Due to its high velocity in the supersonic range, it offers high precision at 50 and 100 m. A real alternative for a weapon with a sensitive barrel. Especially suited for biathletes and as training cartridge for RWS R 100 shooters. Disciplines: Small bore 50m prone, Small bore 100 m standing, Small bore 50m three positions, 100 yards prone, Salon shooting (DK), Biathlon 50m Competitive sport: Competition Training Properties: Type of weapon Rifle, Pistol Calibre .22 l.r. Lead bullet 2.60 g V0 345 m/s Barrel length 650.00 mm

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